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Teaching 1619: A Challenge

by Debie Lohe, Director, Reinert Center This year marks the 400th anniversary of what is often referred to as the start of American slavery -- the documented selling of 20+ African human beings to British colonists in Jamestown, Virginia. While the transatlantic slave trade was alive well before this transaction, and while some have argued… Continue reading Teaching 1619: A Challenge

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An Overview of Assessment

by Konnor Brennan, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center The tools and methods instructors use to assess to student understanding in their courses play many roles in course design. Assessing students throughout the course is important to ensure that students passing the course are meeting certain standards that are required to pass the course, and/or ensuring that… Continue reading An Overview of Assessment

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Designing Meaningful In-Class Activities

by Kristin Broussard, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center Many instructors have heard the term “active learning” and are aware of the push in higher education away from all lecture and towards incorporating alternative teaching methods in the classroom. But how do you design a meaningful activity for your class? There is no one “right” way to… Continue reading Designing Meaningful In-Class Activities

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In-class Discussions

by Konnor Brennan, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center In-class discussions are one of the most frequently used pedagogical activities. While they are very popular in classrooms, most instructors know that implementing an effective and productive discussion takes time and planning. Designing and implementing an effective discussion activity can sometimes be challenging. One of the key components… Continue reading In-class Discussions

Tips on Teaching

Themed Teaching: A Creative Strategy for Course Redesign

by Elizabeth A. Gockel-Blessing, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Health Sciences Do you ever get tired of teaching your courses the same way year after year?  If so, join the club.  I am writing this post to share one example of how I redesigned what I consider to be my “flagship”… Continue reading Themed Teaching: A Creative Strategy for Course Redesign