About The Notebook

Welcome to The Notebook: the blog for the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning. Formerly our quarterly newsletter, the blog offers a more dynamic, timely, and interactive way to share experiences and research on teaching and learning, announce upcoming events, and highlight Center accomplishments.

As with a real “notebook” (whether in the cloud or in a spiral-bound cover), The Notebook is a site of creative exploration, research notes, and innovative ideas. We hope you will find here new ways of thinking about your own teaching and new strategies for engaging all learners.

Before it was a blog feature, The Notebook was our quarterly newsletter, covering a broad range of teaching-related topics, showcasing SLU faculty teaching practices, and highlighting upcoming Center events. Through this link you will find back issues of the publication, in PDF form.

If you are interested in contributing to The Notebook as a guest blogger, please familiarize yourself with
our style and submission guide, or contact us.

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