Tips on Teaching

Effective Grading Techniques

by Konnor Brennan, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center Grading student work is an essential part of the instructional process. Instructors are well aware of and value the benefits of providing graded work to students in a timely manner. Graded work can provide our students with feedback that is essential to the learning process. Students often use… Continue reading Effective Grading Techniques


Underserved: Student Access to Technology

by Kristin Broussard, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center As higher education integrates technology more and more into its curricula, whether through increasing the number of courses taught online or in hybrid formats, or encouraging teachers to use technology platforms (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas) to organize their traditional in-person courses, technology has become a given in the higher… Continue reading Underserved: Student Access to Technology

Teaching and Justice

Title IX at SLU: How We Support Students

by Anna R. Kratky, SLU Title IX Coordinator When students are asked what words come to mind when thinking about Title IX, the most common responses are sexual assault and equality. When faculty are asked that same question, the answers are usually mandatory reporting and legal obligations. This highlights the progress the Office of Institutional… Continue reading Title IX at SLU: How We Support Students

Tips on Teaching

Using Effective Learning Strategies to Apply Knowledge Across Disciplines

by Kristin Broussard, Graduate Assistant, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning A key challenge for educators and for learners is applying specific knowledge across domains. As teachers, we may struggle to find ways to get students to apply their knowledge from our disciplines or courses to other courses or have difficulty getting students to see… Continue reading Using Effective Learning Strategies to Apply Knowledge Across Disciplines

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Pedagogy in Your In-Box

With the start of the new school year, you may be looking for some new ideas about teaching and learning.  Here are three e-mail based resources we in the Reinert Center follow. Tomorrow’s Professor eNewsletter Published 100 times during the academic year. Subscribe at Tomorrow’s Professor is a newsletter published by the Office of… Continue reading Pedagogy in Your In-Box

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Announcing STEM Teaching Fellows in the Reinert Center

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching welcomes three STEM faculty who will serve as STEM Teaching Fellows: Asmira Alagic (Chemistry) Philip Huling (Mathematics and Statistics) Scott Sell (Biomedical Engineering) During this academic year, they will hold weekly office hours in the Reinert Center and design/lead STEM-focused teaching workshops and other events. If you teach in… Continue reading Announcing STEM Teaching Fellows in the Reinert Center