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Two Quick Course Accessibility Tips

by Eric Royer, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

Panopto Video Captions

Closed captions are now automatically generated and embedded in Panopto videos. This removes a step when promoting the accessibility of your video content, but you may need to double-check the accuracy of these captions. Edits may be required for grammar, syntax, or spelling. Descriptive audio captions may also be necessary to ensure students can view, and benefit, from these videos as intended.

Here’s more information on how to edit captions in Panopto.

Ally Accessibility Tool

Ally is now integrated with Canvas at SLU and generates accessibility scores for your course materials (files, videos, PDFs). In most cases, you can make revisions directly within Canvas to improve the accessibility of your content. While this tool provides helpful diagnostics, keep in mind that not all issues may be caught. Ally will check to see if videos are captioned, for example, but it doesn’t check the accuracy or consistency of these captions.

To schedule a consultation to discuss pedagogical changes you can make to your courses to make them more accessible, please email the Reinert Center or fill out our consultation form.

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  1. Such a pleasant surprise for Panopto! Definitely saving me multiple steps on recorded lectures, and I love how it’s now the default for anybody who wasn’t already using the feature.


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