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New Resource Guides

In the spirit of the Reinert Center’s focus on Ignatian Pedagogy, two Resources Guides have been posted to help you reflect on ways to get to know your students.

The Ignatian Pedagogical framework helps articulate how a deeper reflection on the conditions of teaching and learning can prompt a more spiritual and person-centered educational experience. The first of the five Ignatian pedagogical elements, Context, invites us to consider our relationship with our educational surroundings. For example, getting to know your students can create a sense of belonging and serve as an excellent foundation for building an inclusive learning experience. Therefore, both guides offer a number of quick strategies to invite you to consider engaging with students in deliberate and meaningful ways.

The first guide, “How to Get to Know Your Students” offers simple tips to learn more about students who are in your courses. While the tips are best implemented at the start of the semester, consider how the tips may be used at any time during your course. The resource guide, “Creating a Welcoming Classroom Environment,” offers a few research-supported suggestions on how to establish a warm, personable, and supportive classroom environment for your students. Making students feel welcome invites students to participate in your course, establishes a sense of belonging, and serves as a foundation for significant learning.

If you would like to discuss ways to get to know students and to understand the context of your teaching situation, please consider a confidential consultation with someone at the Reinert Center.