The Reinert Center Celebrates the Ignatian Year

by Gina Merys, Acting Director, Reinert Center

As a way to mark the 500th anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola’s conversion, the Society of Jesus will be celebrating an Ignatian year (May 2021-July 2022). The Reinert Center has chosen to mark this important year by focusing on Ignatian Pedagogy as our theme for the academic year. We are creating several types of resources (e.g., guides, videos, workshops) that look at a variety of topics either through the lens of Ignatian Pedagogy or as an aspect of it.

Using the Ignatian Pedogogical Paradigm, we are looking at our current context in the world and at SLU taking into account the on-going crises with the CoVID-19 pandemic; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and mental health and well-being, to name a few. We are creating opportunities to learn more about designing learning experiences that are authentic to who are students are, what they need to learn in our courses, and that lead to ways of putting that learning into action that deepens and highlights their knowledge and skills. Throughout this year, we also have many opportunities to practice reflective work both for our own development as well as for our students’ as well as to evaluate our own teaching habits. Please check our events page and read our blog for the most current information about our programming and resources.