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What We’re Reading and Listening To this Summer (and Beyond)

by Eric Royer, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

As we close out spring semester, taking time to reflect and rejuvenate are important aspects of the teaching cycle. This down time may also afford you an opportunity to read a good book or listen to a podcast (or series) to renew your thoughts and passion about teaching and course design. Below are several book and podcast suggestions from Reinert Center staff on topics related to inclusive teaching, assessment, teaching with technology, and online learning. We hope that one of these provide a spark in your teaching as you reflect, plan, design, and facilitate learning experiences in various formats moving forward:

Book: What inclusive teachers do: Principles and practices for excellence in college teaching

  • This book examines inclusive teaching practices through various faculty and interdisciplinary perspectives. The authors provide examples of inclusive practices, discuss intentional course design choices that promote inclusion, and address unintentional design choices that may have the ill effect of excluding some of our learners. This book was discussed in a faculty reading group in Spring 2022 and serves as an essential text for the Reinert Center’s 2022 Course Design Institute.

Book: Remembering and forgetting in the age of technology: Teaching, learning, and the science of memory in a wired world

  • In a follow-up to Minds Online, Michelle Miller provides additional strategies and resources for evidence-based, technology-focused pedagogy. This book expands on the relationship between memory and learning, focusing on how to help students avoid distractions in today’s wired world and develop technological skills to inform and advance their individual learning and metacognitive skills.

Book: Grading for equity: What it is, why it matters, and how it can transform schools and classrooms

  • This book challenges traditional assessment practices and strategies. An emphasis is placed on designing fair, equitable, and transparent assessments to enable all students to demonstrate mastery of desired learning outcomes. This book is a timely read for anyone interested in developing and using authentic, transparent assessments in the classroom to increase student motivation, learning, and performance.

Podcast: Tea for Teaching

Podcast: Teaching for Student Success

Books on our radar for Fall 2022 and beyond:

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