Teaching Today's Students

It’s Been A Year

By Sandy Gambill, Sr. Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

When spring break started on March 9, 2020, students were asked to report their travel plans to the university, and quarantine after visiting countries on the CDC warning list. It was unthinkable that ten days later they would be moving out of residence halls, while instructors made an emergency shift to move courses online.  Fast forward to March 9, 2021. It’s been a year of frustration and fear, learning on the fly, rapid adaptation, and ultimately just making it work.

In the past year we’ve learned to manage live classrooms on Zoom, facilitate group work in Blackboard, and teach students in the classroom and remotely at the same time.  

What comes next? That’s the big question.  Post-Covid, will things just magically go back to normal with the vast majority of instruction happening in person, in the classroom? Will students want that? Do you want that?  How will your teaching be impacted or changed going forward? What new pedagogies and technologies will you continue using and what can you not wait to shed? 

The Reinert Center invites faculty to submit short (250 words or fewer) reflections on their experiences over the past year. We may reach out to you about publishing your reflection in an upcoming blog post. You may submit your reflections to Sandy Gambill at sandy.gambill@slu.edu