From the Director, Teaching with Technology

Instructional Continuity

Given the increase in coronavirus cases in the US and abroad, we find ourselves in an unusual circumstance that asks us to act with concern and consideration toward everyone in our community and with a commitment to finding new ways to create and experience knowledge.

At its most basic definition, “instructional continuity” means 1) that in the event of any interruption of university operations, academic and instructional progress should continue; and 2) that the regular class schedule remains in place.

Dr. Pestello’s message to faculty highlighted three areas in which to begin thinking as we consider ways to continue instruction remotely mid-semester:

  • Of all the things you were planning to do for the second half of the term, what is most important to you and to your students’ learning?
  • How might you still accomplish (most of) those things in the event that we need to suspend in-person classes?
  • What types of courses/formal learning experiences cannot be completed remotely (e.g., labs, clinicals, performances, etc.)?

The Reinert Center staff is poised to support you as you begin to answer those questions about your courses. We encourage you to explore our Instructional Continuity webpage [LINK]; we are adding to and updating that page daily as we create additional resources and refine the information. We are also available for in-person and virtual consultations about any aspect of your course from “I don’t even know what questions I should be asking,” all the way through, “I’ve been teaching online for years, but I have a question about one aspect of my course.” Simply fill out the consultation form [LINK] or email us at