Teaching and Justice

Resources for Teaching and Justice

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) steering committee on justice was created in 2002 with a charge “to coordinate, convene, communicate, and connect persons and institutions devoted to justice in Jesuit higher education” (Justice Web, 2018). A valuable resource that has emerged from that initial charge is a regularly updated website containing information that supports this year’s Reinert Center theme: teaching and justice.

LINK: http://blog.loyola.edu/justice/

Over fall break, consider setting aside time to explore the “Classes” tab on the website. It includes examples of course syllabi from various AJCU departments and programs that explicitly address the topic of justice. The syllabi are organized around academic disciplines (e.g., humanities, social sciences, business) and justice-related topics (e.g., law, environmental justice). You will discover the intersection of teaching and justice at the course level (i.e., goals, objectives, assessments), as well as situated in readings and different learning activities. Additionally, at the very bottom of the “Classes” web page is a template for Ignatian reflection that is designed to help students make connections, find meaning, and engage justice in any course (Denk, 2006). These and other resources available on the website can help you think (differently) about the topic of justice in your own courses, as well as the important role justice plays in shaping how, why, and for whom you teach.

In the Reinert Center, we are committed to supporting your development as an instructor at Saint Louis University. If you would like to talk with someone from our instructional development team about teaching and justice, or any other teaching-related topic, you can request a confidential consultation by completing this online form.

Have a wonderful fall break!



Denk, K. M. (2006). Making connections, finding meaning, engaging the world: Theory and techniques for Ignatian reflection on service for and with others. Towson, MD: Maryland Province Society of Jesus.

Justice Web (2018, October 16). Retrieved from: http://blog.loyola.edu/justice/