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Reinert Center Welcomes New Graduate Assistants

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning enthusiastically announces the newest members of our staff.

Graduate Assistants: Konnor Brennan and Kristin Broussard

Konnor is a graduate student in the Biology Department at Saint Louis University. Konnor earned his MS in Biology from Central Michigan University in 2017 where his research focused on classroom design and active learning techniques. Konnor now works in Dr. Elena Bray-Speth’s lab performing research on students’ use of conceptual models and evaluating the effectiveness of learning assistants. Konnor has experience teaching introductory biology labs for both majors and non-majors as well as teaching high school biology.

Kristin is a graduate student in SLU’s Experimental Psychology Doctoral Program (social concentration). Kristin’s experiences have included both research and teaching. She earned her MA in Social Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa in 2015 where she studied the effects of individual difference variables on prejudice and discrimination. Kristin joined SLU in 2015 and currently studies stereotyping and prejudice, with a special focus on attitudes toward transgender individuals. Kristin has a strong background in research on pedagogical practices and learning from her Bachelor’s program in Human Development. In addition to her research experiences, Kristin has taught sections of Foundations of Research Methods and Statistics and Social Psychology at SLU.

Graduate Assistants in the Center assist in the administration of the Certificate in University Teaching Skills (CUTS) program, conduct research on teaching and learning topics, consult with graduate students about teaching, conduct teaching observations, and assist Center staff with the implementation and assessment of programs.

We look forward to the contributions that Kristin and Konnor bring to all those the Reinert Center serves.