What We’re Reading Lately: About Online Teaching and Learning

Reinert Center RIT_circle_2014_solid_082214Online Learning Journal Volume 2, Issue 4 – December 2016

The Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan C) recently published a special issue of the seven best research papers presented at The 2016 American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group (SIG) on Online Teaching and Learning.  Research topics include Culturally Responsive Teaching Knowledge and Practices of Online Faculty.
The special issue can be downloaded as a pdf at link:

Teaching Diversity Online Is Possible. These Professors Tell You How.
Chronicle of Higher Education

Do you hesitate to raise difficult topics like race and diversity in an online course or is this something that keeps you from teaching online altogether? The Chronicle of Higher Education recently asked professors to write in with their strategies for building trust in an online course so these discussions might be possible. Although some of the courses discussed are on diversity, the suggestions apply to any online course dealing with difficult topics.

Interaction matters: Strategies to promote engaged learning in an online introductory nutrition course  
Journal of Online Teaching and Learning

This research was conducted to determine the impact of incorporating student feedback on making online courses more interactive on student engagement and learning. It examines specific student suggestions and strategies that could be implemented in any course. The introduction provides an overview of the body of research on the importance of interaction in online courses.