Teaching Today's Students

Teaching Today's Students: The Conversations Continue

teachingtodaysstudents2014by Debie Lohe, Director, Reinert Center

This spring, we’re continuing to focus on our theme for the year, Teaching Today’s Students.  The theme provides an opportunity to highlight the most important element of context – our students – and to explore the many aspects of who “today’s students” are and what is needed to “teach” and engage them in meaningful ways.

As we look ahead to the new semester, we wanted to call your attention to the specific programs and resources that will highlight different aspects of context and some practical strategies for addressing the variations we experience.

This Thursday, we’ll host about 100 SLU faculty and graduate students at our annual Winter Institute, which will focus on Teaching Today’s Students in Multiple Formats.  We’re thrilled to have renowned teacher and scholar Dr. Rita Marie Conrad joining us, as well as 12 SLU faculty members who will share expertise and experience with teaching in formats such as accelerated, “flipped,” online / blended, and co-taught courses.

In February, we’ll also resume our brown bag series on Teaching International Students.  We’ll focus on two important topics for working effectively with our international students – faculty / student relationships and grading written work.  Each is hosted twice, once on the Frost campus and once on the Health Sciences campus.  Click here to reserve a seat.

Finally, we’ll host a series of other workshops, as part of our Teaching with Technology Forum series and as part of our Certificate Program, on topics such as Generational Learning Styles, Using Social Media in the Classroom, Small Group Discussion Strategies, Using Technology to Create, Evaluate, and Manage Collaborative Learning, and more. To see a full list, click here.  For those who can’t attend related programs, you may find our blog series on the theme useful, as well.