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The Reinert Center Welcomes Our 2014-2015 Post-Doctoral Fellow and Graduate Assistants

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning enthusiastically announces our new Post-Doctoral Fellow and two Graduate Assistants on our staff for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Post-Doctoral Fellow and Graduate Assistants in the Center assist in the administration of the Certificate in University Teaching Skills (CUTS) program, conduct research on teaching and learning topics, consult with graduate students about teaching, conduct teaching observations, and assist Center staff with the implementation and assessment of programs.

The Post-Doctoral Fellow and each of our GAs this year is hard working and committed to the mission of the center, and each brings her own teaching experiences and pedagogical knowledge.

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dipti Subramaniam

A recent graduate of SLU’s College of Public Health and Social Justice, Dr. Dipti Subramaniam, joins the Reinert Center this year as our first Post-Doctoral Fellow. Previously, she was graduate research assistant and a teaching assistant for public health courses, in addition to also having served as a graduate assistant in the Reinert Center. Throughout these experiences, she has worked with displaced and underserved individuals such as Burmese and Nepalese refugees and also grassroots organizations for community empowerment in the city of Saint Louis. She also has experience assisting faculty with course development and teaching for undergraduate and graduate students on the topics of research methods, global health and health theories. Dipti’s research interests include qualitative and mixed methods research, predictive modeling, contemporary issues in global health, and the socio-cultural and psycho-social aspects of health promotion and behavior.

Graduate Assistant: Elisabeth Hedrick-Moser

Returning for a second year as a GA in the Center, Elisabeth Hedrick-Moser is a doctoral candidate in English, with a concentration in Transatlantic Modernism and Trauma Theory. She has taught several courses in the English Department, from Advanced Strategies in Rhetoric and Research to Women in Literature. She also earned a graduate minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and has taught Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies at the Frost campus as well as Feminism in Action at the Madrid campus.

Graduate Assistant: Kelly McEnerney

Joining us for her first year, Kelly McEnerney is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology, developmental concentration. She has collaborated with the Center for Service and Community Engagement, assisting in the implementation and assessment of a reading partnership and diversity awareness program for children. In addition to her research experiences, Kelly has taught sections of General Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

We look forward to the contributions that Dipti, Elisabeth, and Kelly bring to all those the Reinert Center serves this year.