From the Director

End with the Beginning in Mind

CTTL_introbannerby Debra Lohe, Director, Reinert Center

It’s time.  You’re wrapping up another academic year.  Saying goodbye to graduating students.  Feeling relieved that the day-to-day demands of the spring term are winding down.  Looking ahead to the slower pace of summer, to the research you can finally get back to.  You aren’t really thinking about next year …. Yet.

After you get a bit of distance from final papers, exams, presentations, and projects, take a moment to reflect on what worked in your teaching this year, and what didn’t.  A few questions can guide your reflection:

What new discoveries did you make about teaching?

What do you wish you’d done differently?  Why?

How might you begin next year differently to accomplish more of what you hoped for?

Finally, how might you create even more engaging and inclusive learning environments for your students?

As you reflect, jot down any immediate insights, then tuck them away for later.  Capturing your immediate last impressions now will offer you a starting point when you begin thinking about next year.

From the Reinert Center, we wish you a productive, restful summer.  We’re here all summer long, so please come and see us if we can help you explore new ideas for teaching your course, engaging your students, or assessing their learning.