Engaging All Learners

Engaging All Learners: Faculty Conversations Podcast Series

by Sandy Gambill, Instructional Designer, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning

In this second in series of conversations with faculty, Leslie Hinyard, Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Academic Affairs at SLUCOR, talks with Sandy Gambill, about engaging a wide spectrum of students in an online Masters of Science in Health Outcomes Research.

To listen to the first podcast, click here.

For the full pdf transcript of this podcast, click here.

Dr. Hinyard serves as the Associate Director of Academic Affairs at SLUCOR and oversees all curriculum and graduate programs. Dr. Hinyard’s research interests include methods for identifying patients with diabetes mellitus from large administrative databases and the relationship between gender and asthma exacerbations. She has also conducted research in the area of narrative cancer communication.

Photo and bio courtesy of https://www.slu.edu/slucor


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  1. This was a great podcast, Sandy and Leslie! I really enjoyed hearing Leslie’s thoughts about how the SLUCOR program strives to “engage all learners” and especially what she’s learned to-date about the importance of fostering community in online learning, especially for cohort-driven programs. Thanks for the sonic food for thought.


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