CTTL Announces the Publication of A Guide for Beginning Teachers

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) is pleased to announce the publication of A Guide for Beginning Teachers, an e-book from Drs. James H. Korn, Mary Stephen, and Jason Sikorski.  Both Korn and Stephen both have a rich history with the SLU and with the Center, and it is our pleasure to publish this work on our website.  The Guide is particularly useful for new teachers and provides applied exercises and structured reflection activities to stimulate new ways of thinking about teaching.

Originally, appearing as A Guide for Beginning Teachers of Psychology (Korn and Sikorski, 2010), the addition of Stephen in 2012 and a comprehensive revision have made the work more broadly applicable across all areas of teaching, including the humanities, arts, sciences, and professions.

As you enter this new semester, we hope you’ll have a look at A Guide for Beginning Teachers.  There is much there to stimulate your reflection on the past semester and to prompt future action in the semester to come.  Remind yourself of how it felt to be a new teacher – nervous, excited, energized – with all sorts of new pedagogical possibilities in front of you!