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News From the CTTL

We wanted to take a moment to recognize several CTTL staff for some major accomplishments in the past few weeks.  If you see them around, ask them to tell you about what they’ve been working on!

Chris Grabau passed his doctoral comprehensive examination on Saturday, October 13.  He is well on his way to a PhD!

This year, Kim Scharringhausen celebrates her 26th year at SLU.  Congratulations to Kim, and to all of us who have had the pleasure of working with her over the years.

Kim was also one of three CTTL staff members to present at the Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference at UMSL on November 1-2.  Kim presented on “Flipping Learning Technology Support: Preparing Faculty in the 24/7 World.”   Also at the UMSL conference, Sandy Gambill led a workshop on “Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Technology-Based Assignments,” and Michaella Thornton joined forces with Dr. Jenny Agnew (one of our Innovative Teaching Fellows), to present “Food for Thought: Collaborative Course Design and Social Media in the Writing Classroom.”

Four of us had an opportunity to attend and present at the annual conference of the Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education (POD Network) in Seattle at the end of October.  (POD is the premier faculty/instructional development professional organization in the United States.)  Dr. Gina Merys and Sandy Gambill presented a poster on our pilot of asynchronous Small Group Instructional Feedback sessions.  Both Gina and Sandy also were a part of other sessions at POD: Sandy joined Dr. Debra Lohe and Michaella Thornton in a workshop entitled, “Learning Space: Classroom or Change Agent?,” and Gina, MIchaella, and Debie held a roundtable discussion on strategic planning, “Illuminating ‘Lived Experiences’: Strategic Planning in Teaching and Learning Centers.”