Ken Bain’s Back and This Time He Has Advice for Students

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by Sandy Gambill, Instructional Designer

Ken Bain, the author of the award-winning book, What the Best College Teachers Do is back with the newly released, What the Best College Students Do.

Published in 2004, What The Best College Teachers Do is the product of a 15-year study of 100 teachers in a variety of settings. It has been highly influential in forming the practice of many professors and teaching centers, including the Reinert Center here at SLU.

In writing What the Best College Students Do, Bain distilled forty years of research on what makes a good student, and interviewed thirty-five people he identified as “highly successful and creative people, good problem solvers and compassionate individuals” about their experiences as students and learners.

While some of Bain’s findings are not surprising (i.e., follow your passion), by linking findings from the research to the experiences of the people interviewed, Bain has constructed a fairly practical guide that goes beyond a typical celebrity success story.

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