Tips on Teaching

New Semester Resources

As you prepare for the year ahead, consider reviewing some of the online resources available on our website.  For example, the Reinert Center’s brief Resource Guides offer a few practical strategies for a number of teaching topics.  While they are far from comprehensive solutions, they may be useful suggestions as you prepare to teach this semester.

Below are a few sample guides.  The complete list of Resource Guides can be found on our website.

Starting the Semester: Student Engagement

The Syllabus as a Communication Tool

Using Ground Rules to Support a Diverse Learning Environment

Two Paths to Student-Centered Rubrics

Supporting Active Learning in Large Classes with PowerPoint

Seeing the Diversity in Your Classroom

Also, consider checking out our ejournal, Teaching with Technology.  The journal is a semi-annual publication from the Instructional Developer team.  Each issue explores innovative ways technology might be used in teaching.  The current issue includes an interview with Dr. Mary Gould, Associate Professor in Communication.  Dr. Gould talks about digital storytelling and how to create, assign, and assess video-based assignments.  Those who may want to incorporate video and/or digital story telling into their courses will likely find Dr. Gould’s thoughtful insights helpful.

If you would like more information about these topics or anything related to teaching, we’re here to help.  You can request a confidential consultation with someone from the Reinert Center staff by using our online form.