Inclusive Teaching

Resources to help facilitate difficult dialogues in the classroom

Reinert Center typeset_icon_2014_solid_082214by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

With the recent events surrounding the Stockley verdict, renewed conversations related to race, privilege, class and equity can make their way into the classroom.  Facilitating dialogue and creating an equitable learning environment can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned faculty member.

Last year, the Reinert Center focused our efforts to create and compile resources related Inclusive Teaching (A statement from Reinert Center director about Inclusive Teaching can be found on our blog, The Notebook [LINK]).  While a complete list of our resources related to inclusive teaching can be found on our website [LINK], below are a few practical “just in time” resources that may be useful to help facilitate dialogue and to establish a more inclusive learning environment within and outside of the classroom.

Resource Guide on Difficult Dialogues

Creating Inclusive Assignments

Implementing Reflective Assignments

Avoiding Microaggressions in the Classroom

Using Ground Rules to Support a Diverse Learning Environment

Active Listening to Support inclusive Teaching

We recognize that all not all strategies are suitable for all instructors or teaching situations; therefore, the Reinert Center staff are available to consult one-on-one [LINK]  with instructors about how to facilitate helping students with difficult issues.  All consultations are confidential and we are available to serve you.