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Teaching on/and Sexual Violence

Reinert Center typeset_icon_2014_solid_082214by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

From March to November 2017, the freestanding blog “Conditionally Accepted” will feature a series of weekly posts about sexual violence and higher education. Published first on the Inside Higher Ed website, authors are invited to contribute intersectional perspectives and personal accounts of sexual violence across institutional contexts (e.g., teaching, research, and policy). Each entry supports three primary goals, “to amplify the voices of survivors of sexual violence that occurs in academic contexts, to aggravate the academic status quo that facilitates sexual violence, and to advocate for meaningful change in classrooms, research, departments, and at conferences” (“Conditionally Accepted,” 2017).

The following blog posts are particularly useful for instructors who are teaching about sexual violence and/or looking for supportive ways to respond to students who have experienced sexual violence:

  1. Teaching Rape Culture” (3/10/17)
  2. Teaching about Sexuality, Violence and Power” (3/17/17)
  3. Responding to Students’ Trauma Disclosures with Empathy” (4/7/17)
  4. Talk with Students about Sexual Assault” (4/7/17)
  5. Addressing Sexual Violence in Science” (4/14/17)

These entries are willfully vulnerable in ways that encourage the awareness, reflection, and action needed to create structural and culture changes in higher education. I recommend taking time to read and consider them in the context of your own teaching. If you would like to discuss ways to navigate the topic of sexual violence with your students, please feel free to schedule a teaching consultation with someone in the Reinert Center. You may also wish to share your thoughts on this topic with others in the comments section below.



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