Event Summaries

Congratulations Fall 2016 Certificate in University Teaching Skills Recipients!

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning honored a record number of completions for a fall semester, with eighteen Certificate in University Teaching Skills recipients and six Foundations Certificate in University Teaching Skills recipients at our Fall Ceremony on Friday, December 2, 2016.

Dr. Elizabeth Richard, from the Department of Communication, began the ceremony by sharing a reflection on teaching with the recipients, friends, and family in attendance. Dr. Richard is long time supporter of the Certificate program, and often serves as a mentor for certificate participants

This semester’s Certificate in University Teaching Skills recipients are Mayra Aragon Prada, Jesse Balaban-Feld, Amy Boland, Jill Fitzgerald, Gina Fullam Noia, Tanyathorn Hauwadhanasuk, Courtney Iberg, Cherell Johnson, Lindsey Joyce, Leah Kaylor, Marcey Kennedy, Laura Klein, Susan Lee, Dana McWay, Adam Messer, Katelyn Poelker, Maya Tabet, Justin Zweck.  The recipients of the Foundations Certificate are Wala Almostadi, Priscilla Fernandez, Angela Hiefner, Paul Hotfelder, Breanna Kemper-Damm, and Kathy Kienstra.


The requirements for the Certificate in University Teaching Skills are themselves learning experiences that help participants to make deliberate and intentional choices about teaching. This ceremony acknowledged the time and commitment these participants gave to earning one of the Certificates.

For more information about our certificates visit https://www.slu.edu/cttl/certificate-program/certificate-in-university-teaching-skills-overview.php.

To listen to Dr. Elizabeth Richard’s Reflections on Teaching, please click the podcast link below.