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Is Your Flip Flopping?

Reinert Center typeset_icon_2014_solid_082214by Sandy Gambill, Sr. Instructional Developer, Reinert Center

Have you put in countless hours recording lectures for a flipped classroom, only to find the model isn’t working as well as you had hoped? Perhaps the students don’t seem engaged during classtime or are complaining about the amount of work expected outside of class.

Technology is only one factor in making a flipped model work. If you are interested in more student engagement and retention of content in the flipped model, you might want to check out Julie Schell’s blog, Turn to Your Neighbor.

Schell, who is part of Eric Mazur’s group on innovative pedagogy at Harvard, has just started a three-part series on “Why Flipped Classrooms Fail.” Her blog is a wonderful resource if you’re interested in exploring emerging trends in cognitive science and how to apply them to technology-rich courses.

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