Tips on Teaching

Pedagogy and the Teaching of Law


Saint Louis University Law professor, Miriam Cherry, has recently conducted classroom research exploring new ways to teach about employment discrimination. The results of that research are published in the Fall 2013 issue of the Saint Louis University Law Journal.

Professor Cherry’s article “explores virtual worlds as a teaching technique in the Employment Discrimination class. In designing and creating an avatar, students may see how elements of their online identities and appearance are malleable. Because employers are increasingly using technology and virtual environments, virtual worlds may either promote meritocracy or replicate existing stereotyping and hierarchies. This article presents several strategies for using technology as a way to study employment discrimination and to use technology as a de-biasing agent” (abstract).

To read Professor Cherry’s article as well as other pedagogically focused research about “teaching employment and labor law” from the several SLU law professors featured in this issue, including Matthew Bodie, Susan FitzGibbon, Marcia McCormick, and Elizabeth Pendo, visit the journal website.