15-Year Anniversary

Encyclopedias in Tweed?

CTTL 15 yearsby Nathaniel Rivers, English

This short podcast is equal parts a mediation on, an articulation of, and a call for transformative teaching and learning. As an English professor specializing in rhetorical theory, I like to mix my epideictic, forensic, and deliberative rhetoric. Having been present for Debra Lohe’s eloquent keynote at the 15th Anniversary celebration for the recently renamed Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, I got to thinking about the qualities of transformative teaching and learning: What it is? What sets it apart? As I thought about it, however, I came to realize that all teaching and learning is (or at least strives to be) transformative (as opposed to simply informative). This podcast (cheekily titled “Encyclopedias in Tweed?”) is then a modest attempt to come to terms with the idea of the transformative as central to all teaching and learning. The name matters, the terms matter: they move, they motivate. I hope you enjoy!


Nathaniel A. Rivers is an assistant professor of English and a Fall 2012 Innovative Teaching Fellow for the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning.  Nathaniel blogs at http://pure-sophist-monster.blogspot.com.More information about Nathaniel can be found on the CTTL website.