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Continuing the Tradition of The Notebook with a Twist: The CTTL's Weekly Blog

While The Notebook may be new to some of our readers, our weekly web log, or blog, was first the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning’s quarterly newsletter. Then as now, The Notebook will still chronicle the Center’s perspectives on pedagogy, teaching with technology, instructional development, the people involved in our programs, services, and resources, and much more.

Most of The Notebook’s on-going posts (or articles) each Wednesday will explore the following standing editorial categories:

  • The Center’s 15-year Anniversary: Articles and reflections related to the 15-year anniversary of the Center
  • CTTL in the News: Newsworthy or noteworthy posts about the Center, Innovative Teaching or Faculty fellows in the News, etc.
  • CTTL People: Profiles on CTTL staff, advisory board members, Faculty and Innovative Teaching fellows, etc.
  • Engaging All Learners: Our programming theme for the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 academic year
  • From the Director, Dr. Debra Rudder Lohe
  • Spotlight on Teaching: Insightful and transformative pedagogical strategies from SLU faculty and CTTL staff
  • Teaching with Technology: A place to highlight best practices and pedagogical approaches to incorporating purposeful technology into the classroom
  • Upcoming Events
  • Weekly Reflection: A podcast series focused on Ignatian pedagogy, among other topics, that will kick-off in the fall 2012, written and produced by Dr. Gina Merys

The biggest benefit in hosting The Notebook as a weekly blog instead of a quarterly newsletter is that our connection to stakeholders — Saint Louis University faculty, graduate students, administrators, and fellow centers of teaching and learning — is even more immediate and interactive. We hope the newest iteration of The Notebook will encourage readers (especially SLU faculty) to share comments, ideas, approaches to teaching and learning, and consider contributing to The Notebook as a guest blogger. For more information on contributing to this blog, please review Blog Style Guide – Guest Bloggers, or read more about the mission of The Notebook in the About page.

Last but not least, subscribing to The Notebook can be done in one of two ways: via email subscription (see the “Updates by Email” section on the right-hand side of the blog) or via RSS feed. To see how to subscribe to the blog, please check out the following short, three-minute video on our Vimeo channel:

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