Transformative Learning

Interleave Practice to Transform Learning

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center The sequence in which information or skills are rehearsed can have an influence on recall, memory, or mastery of learning.  Interleaving is an approach to learning where several related items are mixed together in a single study session.  “When practice is interleaved rather than blocked, the practice of… Continue reading Interleave Practice to Transform Learning

Event Summaries

Reinert Center Hosts 4th Annual Ignatian Pedagogy Institute

Over spring break, the Paul C. Reinert, S.J. Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning hosted its fourth annual Ignatian Pedagogy Institute. The day-long event brought together faculty and graduate students to increase and deepen their knowledge of Ignatian pedagogy as an extension of Ignatian spirituality and connected to contemporary contemplative practices. The concept of Ignatian… Continue reading Reinert Center Hosts 4th Annual Ignatian Pedagogy Institute

Transformative Learning

Selecting and Providing Information

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center Transformative learning theory encourages instructors to question the meaning and purpose of information they provide to learners (Cranton & King, 2003). This requires a process of critical self-reflection on course content that can occur before, during, and after we teach. During the design phase of a course, for… Continue reading Selecting and Providing Information