Inclusive Teaching

Resources to help facilitate difficult dialogues in the classroom

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center With the recent events surrounding the Stockley verdict, renewed conversations related to race, privilege, class and equity can make their way into the classroom.  Facilitating dialogue and creating an equitable learning environment can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned faculty member. Last year, the Reinert… Continue reading Resources to help facilitate difficult dialogues in the classroom

Upcoming Events

Fellowship, Award, and Symposium Open Calls

The Reinert Center currently has 3 separate calls open that you might be interested in. Innovative Teaching Fellowship- Call for Applications Each semester, the Reinert Center awards a small number of Innovative Teaching Fellowships to full-time, permanent teaching faculty who will teach in our highly-flexible, technology-rich classroom, the Learning Studio. Innovative Teaching Fellows spend the first… Continue reading Fellowship, Award, and Symposium Open Calls

Transformative Learning

Intentional Change

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center George Slavich and Philip Zimbardo suggest that a variety of instructional methods, ranging from experiential learning to problem-based learning, “share important underlying characteristics and can be viewed as complimentary components of a broader approach to classroom instruction called transformational teaching” (Slavich & Zimbardo, 2012, p. 569). One of… Continue reading Intentional Change