Tips on Teaching

Close Only Counts in History and Horseshoes

by Flannery Burke, Ph.D., Associate Professor in History and Fulbright Roving Scholar to Norway Here are three historical mistakes I may have conveyed in the course of teaching American culture to high school English classes in Norway as a part of that nation’s Fulbright Roving Scholars program.  Which is most egregious? 1)     Abraham Lincoln served as President… Continue reading Close Only Counts in History and Horseshoes

Art & Science of Learning

Why Are Concepts So Hard?

by Shawn Nordell, PhD, Associate Professor, Biology “Conceptual understanding” is a learning objective commonly seen in primary, secondary and post-secondary courses as well as throughout the educational literature.   Indeed, there is an emphasis in many disciplines to design a curriculum that promotes students’ conceptual understanding within a discipline rather than simple procedural knowledge or rote… Continue reading Why Are Concepts So Hard?


Collaborating with your SLU Research Librarian

by Rebecca Hyde, Research & Instruction Librarian, Pius XII Memorial Library It’s easy to assume students learn about research and library resources before they ever get to your class, but think about the last time you assigned a research project. Were you happy with the quality of the information and the sources your students used? Could… Continue reading Collaborating with your SLU Research Librarian